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German Taught since last 25 yrs.

Teaching by Audio-Visual methods.

Classes for A1, A2 and B1 conducted.

Special courses available for students below 13 years, i.e. '"Fit in Deutsch" and "Zertifikat Deutsch für die jugendliche"

Exam through Max Mueller Bhawan, New Delhi.

Certificate recognized all over the world.

Clientel comprises of different spheres of society e.g. Engineers, Doctors, Management Students, Hotel Management and others.

Teaching through interactive method giving importance to develop all 4 skills.

Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

About Us

German Akademie is engaged in imparting German language education since last 25 yrs. Akademie prepare its students for various examination. conducted by Max Muller Bhawan. New Delhi. These Examination are developed by Goethe Institut and WBT GmbH. It is administered and executed uniformely world wide. Multimedia teaching is the main focus, for example use of audio. video, internet in German classes.
Teaching German since 1984.
Teachers’ trainer, Disseminator of Max Mueller Bhavan Goethe Institute.
Coordinator, Lucknow region, Kendriya Vidyalaya Project of Max Mueller Bhavan
North zone representative InDaf
Conducted successfully a special course in collaboration with Max Mueller Bhavan, New-Delhi, to prepare teachers for Kendriya Vidyalaya.All have been employed in Kendriya Vidyalya immediately on completing the course and conducting another course .
Counsellor for Diploma In German Teaching course of IGNOU
Presented a paper “Teaching foreign language bilingual” in Jena, Germany in 2009.
Translation house Looren,2012
Holder of Scholarship of translation house Looren, Switzerland. 2012,2016
Presented papers on use of translated literature at” Freie Universität” Bozen, Italy 2013.
Part Translators workshop conducted by Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi, which concluded in LCB, Berlin. 2013
Done Multiplikatoren Fortbildung Goethe Institue Munich 2014
Conducted training in Lucknow (2013) and New Delhi (2014) for KV teachers
participated in Sommerakademie in Berlin in Aug.2017
Title in German
Title in Hindi
1 Herta Müller Eintropfen Zuvielglück Saubhgy varsha Saar sansar
July-Sep 2011
2 Siegfried Lenz Das Examen Pareeksha Saar sansaar Jan-mar.2012
3 Hermann Hesse Im Nebel Dhundh men Amity univ. Souvenir
March 2012
4 Franz Hohler Raucherecke Dhoomrpaan kshhetr Kadambini
Jan. 2013
5 Zehra Ipsiroglu Das Nashornspiel Khelen gainda gainda Saar sansaar Jan.-Mar.2013
6 Karl Valentin Wo ist  meine Brille Mera chashma Kahaan hai Saar sansaar
April-June 2014
7 Bertolt Brecht Die unwürdige Greisin Shaukeen budhiya Kadambini Sep.2014
8 Franz Hohler Vierte König Chautha raajaa Saar sansaar Oct.-Dec.2014
9 Wolfgang Borchert Das Brot roti Sent to Aha Zindagi
10 Franz Hohler Der Stein Patthar Launched in Lit.Fest. in Nov.2016
11 J.P.Hebel Das Kind beti Warum nicht wir  March 2016
12 J.P.Hebel Lachende Mädchen Hansti ladkiyan Shakti, RUWA Souvenir 2016
13 Rainer Werkwerth Der Himmel über mir Mera aasmaan Pratilipi 4 July 2018-07-06
14 Franz Hohler Sender toofan Anusrijan
July- Dec.2017
15 Katharina Winkler Blauschmuck Neela zewar Being translated
16 Gunther  Stingl Taschenspieler des Lebens Bechara Baazigar Sarsansaar
april-June 2018
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